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Terms of rentals

Terms of rental

1. No driving license is required to rent a boat under 30hp.

2The vessel is inspected by the customer and the vessel will be rented if its condition is satisfactory to him.

3 The vessel shall be delivered full of fuel. Its consumption will be calculated as soon as the customer returns and an on-site payment will be made at the company headquaters.

4The boat is insured for personal injuries and material damage resulting from a collision at sea with third parties.

5Sivota rend a (Zeri beach) does not bring any responsibility for loss or damage to the client 's property during the duration of the rental

6. The Customer agrees and accepts:

7. To Return the boat to sivota rend a (beachZERI) in the condition he rented it any damage caused to the craft from bad treatment or negligence is entirely encumbered.

8. To Return the boat before sunset. Early return does not entitle the customer to a refund claim.

9. Do not allow any of the persons on board during the the period of rental to operate the vessel.

10. The maximum distance of the vessel from the shore should not exceed 2NM.

11. The return at the delivery point of the vessel is made on predetermined date and time. On delivery the condition of the vessel is checked along with its equipment.

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