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Technical coverage & support in case of emergency

Vessels are delivered fully tested

Vessels are delivered with full fuel

Deliver and Return of the boat you rented at our site (Zeri beach)

Before your first rental you will be given full instructions about how to operate the boat. Also a map will be given to you to help you explore the best places in the islands.

Finally, contact numbers will be given to you for as long as you hire the boad. No diploma required.

Rental costs do not include fuel costs. We deliver the boat with a full tank of fuel and at the end of the day you pay the amount that corresponds to your consumption.

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Καλώς ήλθατε!!!

Τα Σύβοτα είναι μια περιοχή στη δυτική Ελλάδα, γνωστή για την ομορφιά του φυσικού τοπίου της. Βρίσκονται κοντά στην πόλη της Πάργας και αποτελούν ένα δημοφιλές τουριστικό προορισμό για επισκέπτες από την Ελλάδα και το εξωτερικό.